We are Egyptian Register of Shipping Co., First Class marine & cargo Inspection Company in Egypt. Our main office is located in Alexandria/Egypt and we have our branches all around Egyptian ports with qualified and experienced staff (47 persons) working 24 hours, 7 days a week.

E.R.S, is operated by Master Mariners and Marine Engineers providing the following dedicated and independent survey and inspections.

E.R.S, covered by Marine liability insurance policy with limits of liability of U.S.$ 1,000,000.- each occurrence / U.S.$ 2,000,000.- aggregate by " SERVCO INSURANCE SERVICES – U.S.A)

E.R.S, is an ISO 9001:2000 Accredited by "S G S" Certification, Approved by UKAS, Quality management.

E.R.S, has been awarded the GOLD CATEGORY 2008 from WQC International star award "World quality commitment"

E.R.S, is the leading of Marine surveyors, inspectors and consultancy with offices in all Egyptian ports and part of Global group based in Alexandria, Egypt.

The Group, made of 73 services companies with more than 5000 employees worldwide, all has more than 25 years of experience providing all Certificates.

E.R.S, have worldwide coverage through our network of offices, certified inspectors, expeditors and consultants.

E.R.S, Association has been providing expert technical services to Classification Society, Insurance Cos., Shipping Cos., Ship Owner’s, Operators, P&I clubs and Maritime lawyers and providing solution to all private and public sectors.

The services provided include all stage from survey through physical investigation, review of documents, analysis, report preparation, rebuttal, briefing of lawyers and the preparation and presentation of expert evidence.

E.R.S, provides a range of advanced consultancy services, based on extensive practical and theoretical experience. The resources and skills developed in the course of this practical consultancy are utilized during the investigation of disputes, enabling the company to handle major multi-disciplinary investigation, as well as small scale actions. Efficiently and cost effectively.

Litigation support is often carried out especially where we have been or have become involved in large or complex claims. We are able to carry out research, consult experts and prepare reports as required.

E.R.S, is involved with all ship types. These include:
Bulk carriers , Tugs of all types, Container ships , Offshore supply &Support vessels,, Tankers , Dredgers , Ro-Ro ferries , Fishing vessels ,Passenger ships , luxury yachts ,Fast ferries , Refrigerated cargo ships ,Cable ships , High speed catamarans, General cargo ships , D p research vessels.

E.R.S, hold the following recognized accreditation scheme approvals:

. Certified Marine Surveyors by (N.A.M.S)
. OMCS - Panama
. STET - Singapore
. I S C – Singapore
. E C A – Spain
. Cargo Recovery Consultants ltd. - England.
. Most of (P & I )
. Most of Underwriters
. Egyptian Insurance Control Association (E.I.C.A)
. Egyptian Arbitration Society.
. Arab Maritime Academy
. Coming Cargo Control – U.S.A
. InterCoastal - Holland
. North America Classification Society
. Guardian Bureau of Shipping
. I N S B (International Naval Surveys Bureau
. Maritime Inspection Corporation
. Belays Survey Bureau Inc.
. Association of Certified Marine Surveyors
. M M Cargo Gear & Marine Services
. Prime Survey
. A I M Control
. Marine Patina
. CESMEC U.S.A, Inc.
. I M Bank – U.S.A
. Transmarine Bss
. Dellan S.A.